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I.G. Education Smart I.G. intelligent online education allows children of Class VI to X to improve their grades and love learning more quickly along with earning pocket money.
Daily Test Give a Daily Test of 10 minutes as per the syllabus to update yourself and earn points for your I.G. Bank as well.
Top Rankers Earn upto 6,000 points equivalent to 600/- rupees each month based on the marks scored in Daily Tests and the rank obtained.
I.G. Bank Every 1000 points is deposited as Rs 100/- in Indus Gurukul Bank Account. The money can be transferred to personal Bank Accounts.
Dashboard S.I.S. Home Page : Six sections - (i) General Information, (ii) Current Date, Week and Unit, (iii) List of all India Toppers of current Unit, (iv) Contents available for study as per Syllabus in current week, (v) marks scored in current unit, (vi) Marks scored in last four weeks in comparison with Highest score. This Page further provides link to Academics Section, Test and Reports Section, Student Profile Section, Indus Bank Balance page and so on ...
Academics Academic Content : Academic Session has been divided in 48 weeks. All subjects like Maths, Science, English , etc. are covered on weekly basis. Reasoning is a part of syllabus as well. Reasoning and GK section has been designed considering post Graduation Competitive Exams like MBA, Bank P.O., SSC, etc. These entrance exams syllabus are mainly based on School syllabus but students success rate in these exams ????
NCERT Content NCERT Content : NCERT e-book in English and Hindi, NCERT solution, Teacher notes, Additional Questions, M.C.Q., Slideshow, PPTs, Videos, etc. of Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Computer, GK and Reasoning for Class VI - X. A student can send his feedback about the content as well. NCERT e-books and their Hindi version is downloaded from NCERT offical website whereas the other content has been prepared by the teachers.
Tests and Reports Students gets points based on marks scored. Daily Tests and Weekly Assignment is of 100 points per week. Top three rankers in India will get 5000, 3000 and 2000 points, whereas 2000, 1000 and 500 points for State rankers. Referral Bonus is 100 points. A student can earn upto 10,000 points each month based on these criteria. Every 1000 points scored is deposited as Rs 100/- in Indus Gurukul Bank Account. This money can be transferred to Nationalised Bank Accounts in multiple of Rs 500/-.
DRILL (Practice Tests) Practice Tests of 10 Multiple Choice Questions designed in All Subjects from Class VI to Class X. One can practice as many sets as he/she wants. Students can review all the questions answered in the Practice Tests. Reports of numbers of questions answered in Last 15 days by all students is available as well.
SPRINT (Daily Tests) Daily Tests (10 marks) : One question each from Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and GK+Computer, total of five questions per day from Monday to Friday. Five questions of 4 marks each from Reasoning like Picture Puzzle, Analytical Reasoning, etc. on Saturday. One weekly assignment of 30 marks. SO total 100 marks in one week. Test evaluation is done by Computer instantly and the ranks as well. Students can review all the questions they have answered. Based on marks scored, Students will get rank in State and All India
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